These videos demonstrate the power of technology in teaching/learning. Each video presents a topic with proper lesson planning, preparation multiple times, making of charts, PPTs and any other aids, technically superior and the presentation is clear, correct and gives enormous confidence to students. The students learn in an excited way, participate with full enthusiasm, prepare till they become perfect, feel proud of their accomplishment, and finally become job ready and get top jobs!!

These videos are a model for the world to follow, so that each student could become as perfect as he can with the full use of technology. Participation is paramount, not success per se, as process and participation is sure TO LEAD ONE DAY TO SUCCESS AND PROGRESS!!

This is a student - centric way of teaching that is more powerful in getting results than teacher centric method. Please enjoy the videos both in terms of content and the way the student could master the content and as students please do the same!!!!

We hope these videos are a great inspiration to students/teachers and management!!!!

मीरा के भक्तिपरक पद (Teaching Aids) - बि. मेरी

मीरा के भक्तिपरक पद (DEMO)

मीरा के भक्तिपरक पद (LESSON PLAN)

मीरा के श्रृंगारपरक पद (Teaching Aids) - बि. मेरी

मीरा के श्रृंगारपरक पद (Demo)

मीरा के श्रृंगारपरक पद (LESSON PLAN)

गुरु का महत्व - संत कबीरदास (Teaching Aids) - शेक तसलीम

गुरू का महत्व - संत कबीरदास (DEMO)

गुरु का महत्व-संत कबीरदास (LESSON PLAN)

तुलसी सुधा (Teaching Aids) - आर. उमा महेश्वरी

तुलसी सुधा (DEMO)

तुलसी सुधा (LESSON PLAN)

जहाँ पहिया है (रिपोर्ताज) - लेखक-पी.साईनाथ (Teaching Aids) - बि. नागमणि

जहाँ पहिया है (रिपोर्ताज) - लेखक-पी.साईनाथ (DEMO)

जहाँ पहिया है (रिपोर्ताज) - लेखक-पी.साईनाथ (LESSON PLAN)

कठपुतली(आत्मकथा)-भवानी प्रसाद मिश्र(Teaching Aids) - प्रशन्ना

कठपुतली-भवानी प्रसाद मिश्र (DEMO)

कठपुतली(आत्मकथा)-भवानी प्रसाद मिश्र (LESSON PLAN)

रहीम के दोहे (Teaching Aids) - रजिया सुल्ताना

रहीम के दोहे (DEMO)

रहीम के दोहे (LESSON PLAN)