Come, Fall in Love With Hindi....

Small is always beautiful. By small we mean, closeness, understanding and bridging gaps. Small means global citizenship, a certain oneness of living, an international outlook and the realization that as human beings we are the same and can gain enormously only if we keep the windows of our mind open to all the winds blowing from all the corners of the world.

This principle is pre eminently true of language and especially Hindi, which is the official language of India and spoken by 1000 million people in the world.

Hindi is a language. It is rooted in Sanskrit and is spoken widely in North India, and its percolating down to the south of India too.

Most people think that a language’s importance is only the spoken aspect, but all scholars who love language know too well that Language including hindi, is far more than that.

Language of a certain region is rooted in the history of that land, it is living and like all living systems, it evolves, takes influences from the cultural contact in history , is rooted in a parent language. It expresses itself in literature and flows like a might river! This gives rise to an expression of the aspirations, philosophies, sensitive understanding of great geniuses who encapsulate the land and universalizes human thought and feeling in exceptional aesthetic and philosophical expressions!!

Thus language is at once local and universal. This is especially true of Hindi. Hindi is a beloved language of India, and it is spoken by millions. It has given the highest expression in exceptional artistic expression in works of Premchand, Kabir, Nirala, and hundreds of original thinkers and literary geniuses.

But all this is not only rooted to the land, it expresses itself as the voice of the human being. As all human beings are same deep within, the language is only a cover to touch the minds and hearts of people.

It becomes so pronounced and so deeply embedded in the hearts and minds that it can lead to linguistic chauvinism. But in fact, it does not. Any one who loves hindi, also loves any and every language. To understand one language deeply, is to come into touch with the deepest questions and aspirations of the human soul. And then one wants to reach out to the whole world and thus the language becomes universal. It is thus a pride of knowing hindi, and the pride of being a complete human being.

Thus it is very important that Hindi be universalized. It has begun. The internet has ushered in a revolution in the development and globalization of hindi. Today TV, movies, songs, poetry, literature and commentaries on any topic is being translated into hindi and barriers of language are virtually being broken down.

People are getting closer by a proper translation of all the wonders o language creations into hindi. Translation is an art, and it requires precisely a love of the 2 languages and also a realization of the universal nature of language.

Hindi, in our global world, has taken on another dynamic function. Because opportunities have increased, there is a virtually unlimited need for great talent and skilled professionals in hindi. The job opportunities have become limitless. People can work as teachers, translators, script writers for TV, Movies and documentaries, dubbing artists etc. The content to be put on internet also demands a lot of expertise in hindi. Also communication between leaders of one country and another is impossible without translators.

There is also a growing interest in the study of India and Indian culture. People in the world are fascinated by our music, dance forms, multiple languages, multiple folk arts, stories , literature, and Ayurveda etc. So people are interested to learn our main language. Visitors to India have multiplied and great need is there to learn the language. Even south Indians are fascinated by Hindi, and are learning that in large numbers.

Ultimately, hindi should and will come on the world map and we will learn from all and all will learn from us and the bridge would be the universalizing of Hindi and coming closer of all human beings as one great family in peaceful living with deep understanding of each other.

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