Tuesday, September 6, 2016



31. Probability sampling implies:
(A) Stratified Random Sampling 

(B) Systematic Random Sampling
(C) Simple Random Sampling 

(D) All of the above

32. Insert the missing number:
36/62, 39/63, 43/61, 48/64, ?
(A) 51/65 

(B) 56/60

(D) 33/60

33. At what time between 3 and 4 O’clock will the hands of a watch point in opposite directions?
(A) 40 minutes past three 

(B) 45 minutes past three
(C) 50 minutes past three 

(D) 55 minutes past three

34. Mary has three children. What is the probability that none of the three children is a boy?
(A) 1/2 

(B) 1/3
(C) 3/4 

(D) 1/8
35. If the radius of a circle is increased by 50 per cent. Its area is increased by:
(A) 125 per cent 

(B) 100 per cent
(C) 75 per cent 

(D) 50 per cent

36. CD ROM stands for:
(A) Computer Disk Read Only Memory
(B) Compact Disk Read Over Memory
(C) Compact Disk Read Only Memory
(D) Computer Disk Read Over Memory

37. The ‘brain’ of a computer which keeps peripherals under its control is called:
(A) Common Power Unit 

(B) Common Processing Unit
(C) Central Power Unit 

(D) Central Processing Unit

38. Data can be saved on backing storage medium known as:
(A) Compact Disk Recordable 

(B) Computer Disk Rewritable
(C) Compact Disk Rewritable

(D) Computer Data Rewritable

39. RAM means:
(A) Random Access Memory 

(B) Rigid Access Memory
(C) Rapid Access Memory 

(D) Revolving Access Memory

40. www represents:
(A) who what and where 

(B) weird wide web
(C) word wide web 

(D) world wide web