बुधवार, 7 सितंबर 2016



31. Using websites to pour out one's grievances is called:
(A) cyberventing 
(B) cyber ranting
(C) web hate 
(D) web plea

32. In web search, finding a large number of documents with very little relevant information is termed:
(A) poor recall 
(B) web crawl
(C) poor precision rate 
(D) poor web response

33. The concept of connect intelligence is derived from:
(A) virtual reality 
(B) fuzzy logic
(C) bluetooth technology 
(D) value added networks

34. Use of an ordinary telephone as an Internet appliance is called:
(A) voice net 
(B) voice telephone
(C) voice line 
(D) voice portal

35. Video transmission over the Internet that looks like delayed live casting is called:
(A) virtual video 
(B) direct broadcast
(C) video shift 
(D) real-time video

36. Which is the smallest North-east State in India?
(A) Tripura 
(B) Meghalaya
(C) Mizoram 
(D) Manipur

37. Tamilnadu coastal belt has drinking water shortage due to:
(A) high evaporation
(B) sea water flooding due to tsunami
(C) over exploitation of ground water by tube wells
(D) seepage of sea water

38. While all rivers of Peninsular India flow into the Bay of Bengal, Narmada and Tapti flow into the Arabian Sea because these two rivers:
(A) Follow the slope of these rift valleys
(B) The general slope of the Indian peninsula is from east to west
(C) The Indian peninsula north of the Satpura ranges, is tilted towards the west
(D) The Indian peninsula south of the satpura ranges is tilted towards east

39. Soils in the Mahanadi delta are less fertile than those in the Godavari delta because of:
(A) erosion of top soils by annual floods
(B) inundation of land by sea water
(C) traditional agriculture practices
(D) the derivation of alluvial soil from red-soil hinterland

40. Which of the following institutions in the field of education is set up by the MHRD Government of India?
(A) Indian council of world Affair, New Delhi
(B) Mythic Society, Bangalore
(C) National Bal Bhawn, New Delhi
(D) India International Centre, New Delhi